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What happened this year...?

I am not a blog writer, reader, or any of those things. I am a baker and business owner. I love talking with people, so that's what you are gonna get in this blog. I'll just talk, and you can read. So Covid-19 outbreak? What are we doing? Well, we are taking this seriously, OK. First of all we are doing our best to communicate the importance of health safety, rigorous hand washing, practicing social distancing in the store, etc. We have removed any customer inputs or touch points to

the best of our ability in store. This means you can usually just walk in without opening the door (we leave it open while we bake and cool bread) tell us what you would like (all the bread is kept in the back now), and we will grab it for you and ring you up. You can pay with credit card, apple pay, tap your card, or with cash. No need to sign or touch anything when you shop here.

OK, so what else is going on? Well, we have had to change our menu somewhat. We make our everyday breads, everyday. The menu should be up when you read this blog. They're our most popular breads, so 90% of you should be pretty happy with that. The other 10% of you, well, we are doing our best to still make what you like! Cascade Crunch, Cinnamon Raisin Walnut, Oregon Nut, Spelt, etc. We make big batches of these and freeze the loaves so you should still be able to pick up what you need, but we don't make them on our regular schedule.

We have also needed to cut our sandwich service out at this time, so unfortunately we won't be able to make you delicious lunches to take home for the time being, but we will be back at it just as soon as we can.

Here's the other really cool thing and has me excited! We are delivering our bread to you for FREE! We ask for a minimum order of $25. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, delivery in Eugene. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, delivery to Springfield! Yeah baby, Yeah! It's actually really sweet, and I bet it could stick around even after things return to "normal". If you want to place an order online you can do that at its pretty slick!

I guess if you have any questions you can comment, call us, or email me at Thanks for being customers!

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