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About Great Harvest Bread Co.

We are Jess and Gordo. We own and run Great Harvest with our amazing team of employees. I worked in a bakery while going to school. After graduating and got a job in my field of study all I could think about was getting back into the bakery, baking bread, handing out slices and chatting with regulars. In 2014 Jess and I purchased the bakery from the original owner who started the place in 1988. We have never looked back. We love this community and feel blessed to be a part of it.

So what do we do here at Great Harvest? We specialize in whole grain breads, delicious goodies, and incredible sandwiches.  Everybody that comes into the bakery gets a free slice so, come in and try something from the breadboard, we want to be your bakers!

The Great Harvest crew

Our mission is reflected in everything we do, the things we make, how we treat customers, each other, the music. It's really not about the bread. It's more than that.

Gordo and Jess Wood, Owners of Great Harvest

Our Mission

Be loose and have fun.

Bake phenomenal bread.
Run fast to help customers. Create strong & exciting bakeries.
And give generously to others.

What people say


I LOVE this place! They make fabulous bread and they are some of the kindest people. This is definitely one of our city's gems!

Sarah Talbot


I drive across town for my bread. Need I say more?

Trisha Aronson


Every time we go in, they greet us with a smile and offer us some bread to try. Great food, great atmosphere!

Scott Allred
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