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Baking progress towards your goals

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

It seems the longer I am in the #bakery #business the less and less I get to bake. Initially what I loved about this business was the task or job of being a bread baker. Each morning you come in with an empty slate and by the end of your shift you can look at what you have made, 100's of loaves of bread and just as many smiling faces. It a rewarding job to say the least.

For our first year owning the bakery we would bake everyday. Now, I'm lucky to get a baking shift once a month. But you know what?! It's really great progress, the bakers we have working for us are better than I am now or ever was. I get to have breakfast with my family each morning, dress the kids, change some diapers and walk into work with the morning coffee crowd. My goal for the bakery is to give me a life I love living. Right now that's exactly what its doing. We want to thank everybody who has been a part of the bakery to make it such an awesome place!

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