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Great Harvest Eugene

We bake EVERYTHING from scratch- starting with stone milling our wheat fresh everyday. We use honey, whole grain wheat packed with protein and fiber and other simple ingredients. With the huge importance of nutrition, specifically related to whole grains, we can tell you what is in our product AND how nutritiously whole and good it will be for you. You get your hard earned money's worth with Great Harvest Bread! The grocery store will point you to the newest and "best" whole grain bread - read their label, come and compare with our ingredients and, dollar for dollar, we know we can provide you with much more here at our bakery.

Daily Specials

  • Dakota_3.preview
    Free Bread

    A tasty delicious bread slice FREE, just for walking through the door

  • Bars_3.preview

    Cookies, scones, muffins, and bars are made FRESH EVERYDAY.

Hours & Location

2564 Willamette St.
Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 345-5398

Mon-Sat: 7am to 6pm
Sunday: Loafin’

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